• By Monday 17th May 2021 (World Telecommunications Day and usually the start of the National ICT week) we will have as many members of SARA as possible who are currently without an Amateur Radio licence duly examined via an online examination run by the Radio Society of Great Britain. Subject to successfully passing that exam and being awarded an RSGB Certificate of Competency the candidates will be recognised by the Seychelles Government Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT) as to be fit to operate Amateur Radio equipment and be entitled to go 'on the air'. DICT will instruct the Seychelles Licencing Authority to issue operating licences accordingly.
  • During the ICT week (17th to 21st May 2021) SARA will be able to demonstrate and promote what Amateur Radio has to offer, to Government Officials and members of the public.
  • Following this milestone SARA will continue to grow its membership and spread out throughout the Inner and Outer Islands of Seychelles.
We will endeavor to provide:

  • an online examination Centre
  • a training facility
  • a 'club house'
  • a radio repeater network that enables low cost point of entry for newcomers to the hobby using small low cost radios to try out what its like to talk to groups of similar minded individuals using radio 'nets'.
  • a SARA 'shack' where equipment can be installed and used for experimentation to show the people learning how to become amateur radio operators, the practicalities of the hobby e.g. building and tuning antennae and correct operating protocol etc.

  • September 26th 2020: Commence training the membership with the aid of training manuals and online training courses.
  • October 12th 2020: Online examination Centre tested and accepted by the RSGB.
  • November 14th 2020: Mock examinations begin
  • December 14th - 18th: Online examinations take place.
  • January 2021: Certificates of Competency presented to DICT.
  • February to April : Amateur Radio regulatory framework completed. Licenses issued. Radio equipment purchased and permitted to enter Seychelles using Import Permits authorized by the DICT.

17th May 2021 SARA Open Day