AGM 2023 image
This is first online page of SARA AGM 2023, its experimental and we all believe in teamwork and to move forward for the next year.

SARA Annual General Meeting #5
Venue: SARA Shack
Date/time: Saturday 20th May 2023 - 2pm

Pre meeting
a) Secretary records name of those attending and any proxy arrangements
b) Secretary records apologies received for non attendance.

1. Chairperson announces if a quorum has been met
2. Adoption of previous AGM minutes to be an accurate record
3. Thanks to the 2022 committee and helpers
4. Election of new committee for 2023
5. Review of actions arising from last meeting
6. Financial report with audited accounts and request to adopt
7. Chairperson’s report
8. QSL Manager’s report
9. Subscription review
10. Issues from the floor
11. Any other business
12. DONM