Updated: 19th March 2024
Vision Statement

We will continue to promote our core values and bring amateur radio to the residents and visitors to Seychelles.
Core values that represent what it means to be a member of SARA;


Through social gatherings and communication over radio systems here in Seychelles and with the rest of the world you belong to a fraternity of similar minded individuals who seek to acquire additional knowledge and understanding of radio systems with possibly related IT together with other peoples perspectives and experience.


By being involved in projects that you yourself want to do using objectives and ambitions that you have set yourself, you build your confidence and self esteem. You self develop your knowledge.


By excluding politics and religion from any activities, we avoid confrontation and seek out ways in which we can help each other and the rest of our community. We train so that we can assist with recovering from natural disasters.

Centre of Excellence:

By aspiring to provide a center of technical excellence for RF systems, we strive to provide a valuable reference point for those seeking assistance in our field of expertise.

Mission Statement
We will aspire to complete the following;

  • Install and optimise at least 4 additional UHF repeaters; 
  • S78SARB Sans Souci - host S79CMW
  • S78SARC Au Cap - host S79PAT
  • S78SARD Mare Anglais - host S79AEQ
  • S78SARE Anse Soleil - host S79PAT and friend - off grid (greater challenge) to serve west coast
  • Link all repeaters including S78SARA at La Misere using Allstarlink
  • Develop ability to assist with Emergency Comms and plan further repeater expansion
  • Install cable tray to tidy up cables entering the shack in the vertical plane 
  • Install blinds around some of the perimeter of the shelter to protect from wind driven rain and sun
  • Complete the QDX transceiver project and experiment with antennae that
    can be used for DX and NVIS
  • Conduct training to enable more people to gain their operations licence
  • Every licenced operator ideally should have the following experience;
    - set themselves up and used a UHF repeater (portable and mobile)
    - worked HF SSB (using the SARA equipment or their own)
    - assisted with a DX contest