Visitor Licence


  • For any visitors wishing to operate Amateur Radios in Seychelles they have to first contact the Local Regulator DICT (Department Department of Information Communications Technology - Communications Division) and SLA (Seychelles Licensing Authority).

  • The request process is quite clear, DICT issue an "Authorization to Import and Operate permit", then SLA Issue the actual HAM License, please follow the process below:

  • During the application process if you are requested to state your desired callsign please use the new approved standard which is  S79/ [YOUR COUNTRY CALLSIGN];   Example:  S79/AA1A

1. You send an email with your request to DICT with email copy to SLA, you should provide information as recommended below.

2. You wait for DICT to respond and you follow their instructions accordingly.

3. At one stage you will need to fill-up an SLA Application form (attached below link) in order for your Local Licence to be issued.
NOTE: You are welcome to reach out to Local Amateurs for guidance and/or assistance with filling-up the form.

4. On arrival at the Seychelles airport you should declare your radio equipment to a customs officer.  The customs desk is located near the exit of the arrival terminal. Please present a copy of your "Authorization to Import and Operate letter" issued by the DICT.

5. Once you exit the Airport you should visit SLA Office in Victoria (Capital City) to settle any licence fees and to collect your Original Licence which you are required by law to carry with you whenever you are operating your radio equipment. (Local HAMs can assist with that if you require, as you may arrive over the weekend when the SLA office is closed).

Please send email TO "DICT" addressed: Dear DICT, 

and cc: "SLA" (Ms Miranda Benoiton)

  • We recommend to include in your email as much information as possible about your planned trip and intended Radio Amateur Activities. It is recommended you include below information in your initial request to Local Regulator:
- Your contact information
A) Please include “The contact details (telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) of your location of stay in Seychelles”.

- Copy of your passport (photo page)
- Dates you will be staying in Seychelles
- Location of your accommodation(s)
- Copy of your current amateur licence
- The make and model and quantity of:
    A) Amateur radios;
    B) Antennas to be installed;
    C) Typical setup of the antenna system to be used (please provide pictures of setup if available).

- Location(s) of operating the equipment in the Seychelles
(e.g.: At Accommodation, from the vehicle, on the move, as maritime mobile, operating from summits [SOTA], operating in the field, etc.)
- Intended use of equipment
(e.g.: International and Local communications on HF, EME, VHF/UHF Low Orbit Satellite Repeaters, Talking to Local HAMs, etc.)


               To download it, please right click on this link and choose "SAVE LINK AS": LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE LICENSE APPLICATION FORM

^Posted By Kamil Korneluk (S79KW) on 11th Dec 2020 & Updated on 9th May 2021 by S79KW
Visitor Licence