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Weather conditions here and overseas are important to the Amateur Radio community. There are two aspects that affect us;
Health & Safety
If you have antennas you need to be careful about lightning and strong winds.

RF Noise
If there is lightning in our area or the area where you are trying to communicate with, then the noise floor will be affected.

Here are links to two sites that help us understand more about lightning conditions around the world. The blitzortung network is somewhat limited in it's coverage of the Indian Ocean so it might be a good idea to open both links so you can run them in parallel to enable you to compare and get the best reports for the area you are interested in; 👀 👀

What is happening with the sun can have an effect on RF communications, mainly in the HF bands.

Here is a link to an interesting site that tells you all about the subject and it self has lots of interesting links to other areas you may be interested to explore; 👀