24 Feb

Last Saturday (Feb 19th) was the opening of the Seychelles Amateur Radio Association (SARA) Radio 'Shack and Shelter' and their Annual General Meeting. 

The shelter project was made possible by a very kind donation from the YASME Foundation based in California in the USA. "We are so very grateful for YASME's assistance, this will make a huge difference to our ability to develop Amateur Radio in Seychelles" said Richard Perks the Chairperson of SARA (ham call S79RP). 

"Now we have a meeting place where we can exchange ideas, develop projects and experiment with radio systems that includes a large portfolio of interest areas e.g. HF long distance comms around the world, local comms whilst mobile using a UHF repeater network, radio over IP, packet radio, slow scan TV, earth moon earth, satellite comms and more". 

"We are continuing to train and provide online examinations in affiliation with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) which up to this point has resulted in a total of 9 local ham operators being licenced by the Seychelles Licencing Authority in 2021 and already one more this year.

We are very fortunate to have had the support from several of our SARA members who have all contributed towards the project; Mr Colin Bastienne (radio cabin), Christian Bastienne (S79BAS), Albert Quatre (S79AEQ) and Danny Auguste (power feed), Pat Rogan (S79PAT - cabin relocation and civils), Kamil Korneluk (S79KW cabin refurb) and Mr Jaya Nair (S79JKN) for hosting the shelter/shack on his reclaimed land that is ideal for RF propagation as it is near the sea" "If anyone wishes to join us they can register their interest on our website www.sara.sc" Mr Perks concluded.

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