02 Aug

Radio Amateur in the Seychelles is fairly new hobby to local residents and it has started to be recognized and properly regulated with local authorities, thanks to SARA active members.

Since beginning of 2019 SARA Chairperson (Mr Perks) with great support of Association Members has made fantastic progress establishing Amateur Activity regulations with DICT (Department of Information Communications Technology Communications Division) - the local regulator. 

Final agreement at glance will allow Seychellois resident to sit online examination hosted remotely by RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) and write an exam for different level of Amateur License. Once exam is completed it will provide PASS or FAIL results, successful exam participants will receive Certificate of Competency issued by RSGB which is legally respected document by SLA (Seychelles Licensing Authority) and DICT. 

Such Certificate of Competency will allow successful Seychellois to apply for Amateur License with SLA and DICT, following request for importation of Radio Communication equipment complying with permit regulations in order to start and enjoy Radio Amateur activity of their interest.

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