09 Sep

News within International Radio Amateur society is spreading fast, the fact of time difference and huge distances between members do not seem to affect this at all. It is amazing how fast and well people get to know each other within amateur society. I remember my first time I switched ON the HF radio with home-brew dipole antenna and started to make contacts on the microphone (SSB). 

Within days I saw my call sign being posted international websites to say that Seychelles is now operating and the moment I started to call CQ (general call) I was flooded with multiple stations responding on top of each other (Pile-Up). It is fantastic and amazing experience to make that achievement and I do encourage people who find it interesting to experience by themselves.

Today SARA news are spreading fast, below I attach copy of International "The Daily DX" News Online magazine post regarding our progress with licensing in the Seychelles. Enjoy.

Posted By S79KW, Kamil Korneluk

Link to the article published on "The Daily DX" News online magazing, published on: 8th September 2020

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