04 Oct

During first weekend of October 2021, SARA decided to participate in High Frequency contest organized by TRC (Thracian Rose Club) from Europe (Bulgaria).

The contest was very exciting event especially for other countries been given an opportunity to QSO with Seychelles as it counts for Africa continent which benefits more points to stations operating from other continents.

Contest started on  2nd Oct 2021 from 06:00 UTC on Saturday till 18:00 UTC on Sunday, the 3rd Oct 2021.

Local contest callsign has been used "S77HQ" and operated by S79KW (Kamil) and Ravi (S79VU) in the category of: "MO/ST/AB/MIX" – Multi Op’s / Single Transmiter / All Bands / Mixed " - Low Power (Max 100w).

Total score of 200 QSO's on SSB has been reached just two minutes before end of the event.

For the first time logging software N1MM+ has been experimented and proven to work well across different computers.

Most QSO's were made using vertical 1/4wave antenna located near the ocean.

Contest rules reference: https://trcdx.org/rules-trc-dx/

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