15 Apr

During 2021 WARD (World Amateur Radio Day) SARA Members will have an opportunity to speak with international Licensed Amateur Radio operators under the call: S77SARA which is the Seychelles Amateur Radio call-sign approved by the local regulator for the use of a Local Club Station.

Since the Local club station is in its very early days of development, it is currently held at the Core Technologies venue with their kind permission.

The club station 'shack' owned by Mr Colin Bastienne is being permitted for use for Amateur Radio experimentation and development as well as New Antenna setup for 'Supervised Access Operation' during WARD that is held on 18th April 2021.
One of the Club members (Mr Kamil Korneluk Call: S79KW) said: The WARD event is an Internationally significant event for both, amateur radio operators and club stations. For us locally, it is playing a big role of being: "home, but not alone" and to learn on how to adopt social distancing practices while continuing to develop and enjoy this fantastic hobby.

The S77SARA  callsign will be active mainly on the 20m HAM Band on the 18th April 2021 using a low power [100w] HF rig and Homebrew 14 MHz Deltalooop antenna. On 17th April 2021, SARA Members will be testing the new HF antenna set up in preparation for the day of the event.

We all hope this event is significant to the entire country and international association, as it improves the skills of radio operators trained for emergency communications as well as for technical engineers.

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